Tire Flower Planters




red parrot $50 

Toucan Sammy-$50



Pelican Flower Planter-$50


Striped Rooster Flower Planter-$50


Colorful Flower Planters

 Rocky Rooster

Black with White


circle is approx.12-14 inches, width (where you place plant) is

approx. 8-10 inches, tail length is approx. 18-24 inches long.

 Tire Flower Planters/Party Coolers

Our Flower Planters are available in different shapes and colors to brighten up any garden, patio or lawn,  including the following:

Tulip, Parrot, Toucan, Rooster and Pink Flamingo.


                  Recycled Tire Tulip Flower Pots TM -$25-$45 


                Tropical Birds, Roosters and Flamingo Planters have       drainage holes so that excess water can drain easily.





                                  Multi Color Rocky RoosterTM-$50  


Used tires are used in the making of all of our products.


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Pink Pony $69.00 Horse swing made with pink mane and tail and pink bandana

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Deer Tire Swing $69.00 A tire swing made to look like a deer. Antlers are made from a tire.

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Retread Thoroughbred $69.00 Horse tire Swing

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Unicorn $69.00 Unicorn Tire Swing

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Ferdinand Bull $69.00 Ferdinand the Bull -tire swing in shape of a bull,

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Drako Dragon $69.00 Dragon tire Swing

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Rocky Rooster in black with white $50.00 flower planter in shape of rooster in black with white spots.              

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Large Rocky Rooster $50.00

Large  Rocky Rooster -Multi colors

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Large Tulip Flower Planter $35.00 Large Flower Planter in the shape of a flower approx. 16 inches across top and approx. 12 inches deep according to tire profile.Price is for flower pot without wheel.                   

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