Holiday Shipping Deadline Deer Tire Swing


Flower Planters 




large red parrot $50

small red parrot  $45






Toucan Sammy-$50



Pelican Flower Planter-$50


Striped Rooster Flower Planter-$50


Colorful Flower Planters

 Rocky Rooster

Black with White


 circle is approx. 8-10 inches, width (where you place plant) is approx. 6 inches, tail length is approx. 12-18 inches long.  


circle is approx.12-14 inches, width (where you place plant) is

approx. 8-10 inches, tail length is approx. 18-24 inches long.


shown in picture is the larger rooster

Multi color Rocky Rooster still available


Tire Flower Planters/Party Coolers

Our Flower Planters are available in different shapes and colors to brighten up any garden, patio or lawn,  including the following:

Tulip, Parrot, Toucan, Rooster and Pink Flamingo.


                  Recycled Tire Tulip Flower Pots TM -$25-$45 

                         (Planters shown above with attached wheel base, wheels not available at this time) 




                  Pumpkin (Jack 0'Lantern) Flower Pots TM                            

            Special Holiday flower pots may be ordered in Halloween Pumpkins, and Santas

     Tulip flower Planters also available in all colors, Multi colors and School Names.


Tropical Birds, Roosters and Flamingo Planters have drainage holes so that excess water can drain easily.




                                        Fannie Flamingo TM

  flamingo  on legs     

     Tire Planter-$60




 We make the Flamingo to hang or stand. Hanging one is sm-$44,Large-$49 standing one (as pictured) is sm- $54, Large-$59



                                  Multi Color Rocky RoosterTM-  

                            Small-$45 Large-$50                    

Used tires are used in the making of all of our swings, planters, feeders,etc.


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Small Pumpkin Pot $25.00 Pumpkin shaped flower pot

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Medium Tulip Flower Planter $30.00 Flower planter in the shape of a flower.

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Large Tulip Flower Planter $35.00 Large Flower Planter in the shape of a flower approx. 16 inches across top and approx. 12 inches deep according to tire profile. Flower pots with wheels are not available at this time. Price is for flower pot without wheel.                   

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Small Tulip Flower Planter $25.00 A Tire cut in the shape of a flower.  

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Santa Flower Pot $25.00 Santa Flower Pot

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Rocky Rooster in black with white $50.00 flower planter in shape of rooster in black with white spots.Available in large and small sizes. Shown in picture is large,

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Pink Flamingo Hanging Planter $50.00 Pink Flamingo hanging planter

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Deer Tire Swing $69.00 A tire swing made to look like a deer. Antlers are made from a tire.

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Retread Thoroughbred $69.00 Horse tire Swing

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