Deer Tire Swing

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Tire Swings

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

The swing will have either a wood or a TC-2 sunlight resistant plastic electric tubing. (Wood is pressure treated)

The bar enables the swing to spin and can be removed to allow swing to swing only back and forth.

Seat can be adjusted to your comfort either humped or flat. The foot holder is

large enough for a gownup or a larger child's foot to rest in.


Recycled Tire Swings

Pink Pony

Perfect for the Little girl in your life

with pink mane and tail and a pink bandana

cloth on seat is an apron we folded and put on for picture-does not come with swing


 Retread ThoroughBredTM 

Horse Tire Swing   $69


Ferdinand the Bull TM    $69 

Drako the Dragon TM $69

Cloth in picture on swing seats not included.

The tires we use are all bias ply (nylon) not steel belted, so there is no steel in them to create sharp edges.Our swings are cleaned to remove any road grime and dirt(so they won't stain clothes) and are painted. The paint used contains no lead.

The rope used is strong enough to support up to 400 lbs. The bar used on the horse, bull and dragon separates the head and tail for comfort when you sit down. The bar is made of pressure treated wood or TC-2 sunlight resistant plastic electric tubing.

They also have adjustable foot holders to fit any leg length and an adjustable seat for comfort. You can use the seat  humped up or flat whichever suits you and your child.


Never leave a small child unattended in the swing or other playground equipment.

Fun for the young and the young at heart.

Proudly Made In The USA by Joe and Lauri Hall.

"Save a Landfill -Ride a Tire Swing"

"Guaranteed for Miles of Smiles!"




                  Redneck HammockTM and Redneck Chair SwingTM


The Redneck HammockTM has a headrest and foot rest and is supported with ropes.

The Redneck Chair SwingTM is just that. It is made so that all you have to do is sit down. It will fit anyone from infants to adult


   Redneck HammockTM-$60                  Redneck Chair SwingTM-$45

                                           X-Large Redneck SwingTM-$50


    We have traced the horse swing back to the 1960's.


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Large Tulip Flower Planter $35.00 Large Flower Planter in the shape of a flower approx. 16 inches across top and approx. 12 inches deep according to tire profile. Flower pots with wheels are not available at this time. Price is for flower pot without wheel.                   

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Purple Polly Parrot $50.00 Purple Parrot

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Pink Parrot $50.00 Pink Parrot

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Small Tulip Flower Planter $25.00 A Tire cut in the shape of a flower.  

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Small Pumpkin Pot $25.00 Pumpkin shaped flower pot

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Santa Flower Pot $25.00 Santa Flower Pot

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Medium Tulip Flower Planter $30.00 Flower planter in the shape of a flower.

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Large Red Parrot $50.00

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Large Toucan Sammy $50.00 Larger Toucan Sammy

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